Recordings featuring Beverly Woods

 Beyond the Pale: Irish, Shetland, English, and original music for two hammered dulcimers. Currently available as burned CD with original artwork. Price: $12 postpaid.
 Balance On Air: English and Irish music for two hammered dulcimers. Price: $15 postpaid.
CD contents:
1. Barham Down - real audio
2. The White Petticoat -
real audio
3. The Wise Maid/ Gravel Walk
4. The Greenland Man's Tune
5. Young Bridget
6. The Golden Keyboard
7. The Slocket Light
8. Nanny and Andrew
9. The Poor Old Woman/ Humors of Tullycrine
10. Malowney's/ Knocknagow/ Gander in the Pratie Hole
11. Sergeant Early's Dream
12. Saint Martin's
13. The First Night In Our House
14. Arlene's Dream
CD contents:
1. Lady Athenry
2. Mrs Savage's Whim -
real audio
3. O'Carolan's Draft
4. Jack On The Green/ Baltiorum/ Silvermore
5. Parson's Farewell
6. My Darling Asleep
7. Princess Royal
8. Mr. Isaac's Maggot
9. Willie Coleman's/ Out On The Ocean -
real audio
10. Miss Patterson -
11. Mr. Englefield's New Hornpipe/ Ormond House
12. Captain O'Kain
13. Reaping The Rye
14. George Brabazon, first air

Also available:

Artist signed burned CD reissue of Return To Fingal, Beverly's first recording (1983) $10 postpaid in the USA.

Contact Information:
Beverly: 603-941-4947

Shana: 603-539-1967